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Associate with you one of the most active Zoho resellers in Canada

Join SkyFluent and get even more benefits from using Zoho Cloud Software:

  • One hour of free personalized consultation per user up to a maximum of 10 hours (for example, if you have 5 users you will be entitled to 5 hours of free consultation)
  • A $ 30 / hour discount on our technical support time blocks (support email address will be provided for an optimized response time)
  • An annual meeting of 2 hours free of charge to ensure that the use of Zoho applications is optimal.

To benefit from this unique program, some rules apply:

  • You must be an "orphan" user, that is, a user who is not already associated with another Zoho reseller.
  • The date of your subscription to the paid version of Zoho must be less than 30 days. If you have not subscribed to the paid version of Zoho yet, you are eligible.
  • Your subscription must be on an annual plan

If you meet the eligibility criteria, I invite you to join the SkyFluent family by clicking on the following button and start enjoying the benefits:

Here are the steps to follow to associate SkyFluent with your Zoho subscription:

Once you click on the button, there will be 3 steps to complete.

  1. Check "Select All" in the first section
  2. Check "Select All" in the section "Zoho Services already marked with a partner" (here you agree to replace a partner already marked)
  3. Click on the "Mark your partner" button

Example :